Benefits Of Day Surgery

Benefits of Day Surgery

West Valley Hospital has been designed and built purely to cater for patients requiring surgery which does not involve an overnight stay in hospital.

This means our entire team are fully experienced in making your treatment as straightforward as possible.

As a new facility (opened in September 2017), we have been able to plan and design the hospital to meet the needs of patients. As such, we have dedicated areas for patients coming for outpatient appointments, including physiotherapy and diagnostics, and those coming for day surgery.

As a patient, the focus on day case surgery has a number of benefits:

  • You will be back home the same day and usually be able to get back to your daily life quicker

  • You will generally need to arrive closer to your operation to avoid the need for a long wait before your procedure takes place

  • We focus solely on patients coming in for the day with our service dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible.

Quality Outcomes

West Valley Hospital has a clear commitment to deliver safe and high quality treatment to our patients and to ensure that everyone who visits our hospital has an excellent experience.

Reflecting our highest priority of patient safety, all of Ramsay Health Care’s hospitals work within the Department of Health guidelines by screening all patients for MRSA. Cleanliness is vital to minimising infection. Our hospital staff are fully trained in the latest procedures and thus maintain all areas to the highest standard.

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