Meet our Private Patient Manager


Agata Stolowska is our Private Patient Manager at West Valley Hospital.

Agata ensures that private patient operations run smoothly and that your experiences meet the highest of standards. A very kind, friendly and outgoing person, she is dedicated to personally supporting each private patient and providing care every step of the way.

She has an excellent relationship with our consultants, which means that she can easily find out any information that you need. From initial consultation, throughout the procedure, to post-operative follow-up appointment, Agata is there for you to answer any question or concerns.


You can be confident that you will be in good hands at West Valley Hospital.


If you are interested in becoming a Private Patient at West Valley Hospital, either by using your private medical insurance or by paying for your own treatment, Agata will be happy to hear from you!

To book a private appointment at West Valley Hospital, please call 02039460010.

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Referral Process

  • Simply send a referral letter via our secure online system or post.

  • In the meantime your patient can contact their local Ramsay Hospital directly to arrange a convenient appointment.

  • If the patient does not contact us we will contact them to arrange an appointment according to the details provided on the referral.

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