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Breast reduction is a procedure that aims to remove breast tissue and decrease the size of your breasts

Breast reduction surgery with West Valley Hospital

At West Valley Hospital we understand how important it is to have experienced, skilled and compassionate cosmetic surgeons for your breast reduction surgery. That’s why we work alongside qualified and GMC-registered cosmetic consultants who have a special interest in plastic surgery and who hold or have held an NHS post.

Our dedicated cosmetic team provides the highest quality of care throughout your treatment with us, from your initial convenient appointment through to your comprehensive aftercare.

What is a breast reduction surgery?

A breast reduction surgery, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that can be performed to make your breasts smaller, lighter, more in proportion, and, more comfortable.

Having breasts that are too big can be hard to live with and may affect your self-confidence. You may suffer from shoulder and back pain or find it difficult and uncomfortable playing sport due to the movement of your heavy breasts. You may feel self-conscious of your large breasts and the unwanted attention they bring. Finding well-fitting clothes including bras that fit and support your breasts correctly may also be challenging, and bra straps can cause a grooving in your shoulder.

A breast reduction is carried out under general anaesthetic. There are different ways to perform this surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on the most appropriate technique for you, and they will explain how your breasts will appear afterwards.

Typically, a breast reduction involves removing excess tissue and skin, moving your nipple, and reshaping your breast through small incisions. The operation takes two to three hours, depending on the extent of your surgery.

What are the benefits of a breast reduction surgery?

There are many benefits of breast reduction surgery. These include:

  • Breasts that are a better fit for your body
  • Reduced pain and discomfort in your shoulder, back and neck
  • Better posture
  • Easier to join in and compete in sports and activities, and to get on with your daily life, without worrying about your breasts
  • Ease in finding clothes, bras and swimwear that fit well
  • Improved confidence

How long does it take to recover from a breast reduction surgery?

It is normal for your breasts to feel sore, look discoloured and feel swollen at first but they will gradually settle into their new shape and after a few months you will be able to see the final results.

You should follow your surgeon’s post-operative advice. They will let you know the type of bra you need to wear and when you can get back to work and other activities.

You can expect to be off work for one to two weeks after your breast reduction to give your body time to heal.

Most women return to normal activities within two to three weeks. Regular exercise should help you to return to your normal day to day routine and activities as soon as possible.

It can take up to six weeks to fully recover.

A breast reduction surgery will leave scars around your nipple and under your breast that will fade over time.

What is the cost of a breast reduction surgery?

The cost of a breast reduction surgery at West Valley Hospital will be in the range of £5500 depending on your requirements.

We will give you a written cost quote following your consultation that is guaranteed for a minimum of three months.

We have self-funding options that allow you to pay for your treatment in a way that suits you and your finances. These include All-inclusive Total Care where one payment brings you all the treatment you need for complete peace of mind and interest-free medical finance loans.

You can rest assured that: you will have time to fully consider your decision with our 14-day “cooling-off” period following your consultation.

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