Pinnaplasty is cosmetic surgery that reshapes your ears to improve their appearance.

Pinnaplasty at West Valley Hospital

Pinnaplasty at West Valley Hospital is performed by one of our qualified and experienced GMC- and BAPRAS registered consultant plastic surgeons. Our surgeons are specialised in pinnaplasty surgery and work or have worked in the NHS.

Our surgeons offer convenient appointments without waiting where you will receive clear and detailed advice on your pinnaplasty procedure. They will skilfully perform your ear correction surgery. You will also have a 14-day ‘cooling off period’ after your consultation to give you time to consider your decision fully.

Our modern hospital is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

What is Pinnaplasty?

Pinnaplasty, also known as otoplasty, ear pinning, or prominent ear correction, is a cosmetic operation to correct prominent ears. At West Valley Hospital we perform pinnaplasty surgery if you are concerned about your ears sticking too far out from your head and feel self-conscious.

How long does the Pinnaplasty procedure last?

A pinnaplasty procedure is permanent surgery that usually takes about 2 hours.

What are the costs of Pinnaplasty?

This cost of your pinnaplasty will depend on your individual requirements of the surgery. Our guide package price for pinnaplasty is from £4250.00 

This guide price is an estimate of costs and you will receive a formal quotation price following your consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. This formal quote for a pinnaplasty will be valid for 60 days and includes unlimited aftercare.

Most health insurance companies only cover pinnaplasty surgery if it will solve a functional problem and not if it is performed for cosmetic reasons. We advise that you obtain written confirmation from your insurance provider that they will cover your pinnaplasty surgery before you go ahead with treatment.

Here at West Valley Hospital we have a number of finance options available for your pinnaplasty surgery. These include All-inclusive Total Care where a single one-off payment at a pre-agreed price delivers direct access to all the treatment you need for complete reassurance, pay as you go and interest-free medical finance loans.

How long is the recovery process after a pinnaplasty procedure?

You can expect to recover after a pinnaplasty procedure within a few weeks. You should follow your surgeon’s post-operative care plan. A follow-up appointment with your surgeon will be arranged to assess your recovery and to advise when you can resume activities.

Initially after a pinnaplasty procedure, your ears may be covered with bandages to protect and support them for 10 to 14 days. These will be removed in the dressing clinic after 10 to 14 days.

Once the bandages are removed you may need to wear a headband at night for several weeks to protect your ears as they heel.

Most patients are able to go back to work and other daily activities after two weeks following pinnaplasty surgery.

Any pain during recovery can be controlled using pain relief given to you by the hospital when you leave. You will be able to swim again after four to six weeks. After 3 months you can expect to return to contact sports.

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