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Skin and Scars

Here at West Valley Hospital we have highly regarded and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons who have undergone intensive specialist training in plastic surgery. They can perform a range of plastic surgeries to improve the function and appearance of specific parts of a person’s body or skin. They offer convenient and local appointments to discuss in detail your individual plastic surgery needs. We offer excellent aftercare in a relaxed and restful hospital setting.

Scars Treatment

Scars treatments are a range of therapies aimed to make your scar less visible. They will not remove the scar entirely. They can also help reduce the size of a scar and any pain and itching caused by the lumpy scar. Lumpy constricted scars overlying a joint can affect your movement and this can potentially be improved.

Scars treatment are generally non-surgical and are performed in the clinic during the consultation. Some small scars can be surgically removed and these can be done as a minor procedure and as a day case.

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Mole, Cyst and Lipoma Removal

Mole removal is a straightforward procedure which aims to remove coloured spots or raised skin coloured areas from your skin. The exact technique for removal will depend on whether your mole is suspected to be cancerous or if it is benign.

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