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We do, of course hope that you were satisfied with the service and attention we gave you here at West Valley Hospital. If we have, in some way, fallen short of your expectations, we do want to hear from you. Please do speak to us when you are in the hospital and we will do everything we can to help you. If you do feel you would like to write to us, 'We Value Your Opinion' card are all around the hospital or ask a member of staff for a copy.

Answered my questions and made me feel welcomed

- January 2021

All aspects to which I was exposed to were performed competently and with politeness

- January 2021

My procedure was timely and the staff were courteous

- January 2021

Staff were friendly and had good interpersonal skills. The procedure was well explained and there was a good positive atmosphere

- January 2021

Friendly nurses and everyone was very caring

- January 2021

Staff were polite, explained the situation well and made me feel very comfortable

- January 2021

The staff have been excellent. The hospital was very clean which was reassuring in Covid times

- January 2021

Everyone was very helpful and kind and very reassuring as I was extremely nervous

- January 2021

Latest Feedback

"Very friendly and professional" - December 2020

"Excellent staff and excellent care. Excellent services" - December 2020

"Put up with my pathetic phobia of needles and anxiety! Thank you!" - December 2020

"Very caring team, thoughtful and listened to my concerns" - December 2020

“Very caring, kind, helpful, informative staff who put me at ease” – December 2020

“Made me feel reassured and all staff were helpful and friendly” – December 2020

“Complete and total patient care” – December 2020

“Very friendly, helpful and supportive” – December 2020

“The staff were all wonderful, explained everything so well and were very accommodating” – December 2020

“They explained everything to me as we went along, even repeating things as I don’t hear properly sometimes. All staff are very kind, caring and helpful. The colonoscopy was well done, good care was taken and explanations at all times.” – December 2020

“Made me feel relaxed and comfortable with much attention” – December 2020

“Acted in a professional manner at all times” – December 2020

“The doctors and all the team are very friendly and careful. Very organised and safe”- December 2020

“Made me feel like I was in very safe hands. Everyone that dealt with me was lovely” – December 2020

“Friendly, attentive staff. Very helpful and put me at ease. Theatre staff were also lovely. I was very impressed with my treatment. I would recommend this hospital. Service was excellent.” – December 2020

“Excellent care and very efficient, lovely staff” – December 2020

“Very friendly, caring team. Felt very safe and looked after” – December 2020

“Made me feel very comfortable and safe. Communication was great, staff are very friendly” – December 2020

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