Here at West Valley Hospital we offer a full range of gynaecological procedures to investigate and treat disorders of the female genital tract and reproductive system.

We are proud to work alongside qualified, highly experienced and compassionate consultant gynaecologists. They can diagnose conditions ranging from menstrual disorders (heavy, painful and irregular bleeding), endometriosis, PCOS, cysts, polyps and fibroids, vaginal prolapse, infections, and menopause.

We offer first class diagnostic facilities and a comprehensive physiotherapy service. We use minimally invasive endoscopic techniques whenever possible including hysteroscopy, cystoscopy and laparoscopy. We also perform hysterectomy, pelvic floor repair and urodynamic procedures.

Endoscopic Uterus Examination

An endoscopic uterus examination, also known as a hysteroscopy, is a procedure where your uterus is examined using an instrument called an endoscope. An endoscope is a thin, flexible tube that has a camera and light source at one end. Your consultant gynaecologist will pass the endoscope into your uterus through your vagina and cervix without any incisions. They will view the images of your uterus on a monitor. It’s usually an outpatient or day case procedure using local anaesthetic, or general anaesthetic if treatment is required.

A hysteroscopy will be recommended if your gynaecologist would like to further investigate female problems including: pelvic pain, heavy periods, unusual vaginal bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, repeated miscarriages or difficulty getting pregnant. It can diagnose fibroids and polyps. Your gynaecologist may treat your condition at the same time. They may remove fibroids, polyps, intrauterine devices and scar tissue that is causing period and fertility issues.

Ovarian Cystectomy

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that commonly develop on a woman's ovary. They usually come and go without requiring treatment but if they rupture or become very large they may cause a number of symptoms. These include: pelvic pain, periods that are heavier or lighter than usual or irregular, needing to urinate frequently, difficulty emptying your bowels, pain when having sex, feeling full after eating small amounts, a bloated and swollen stomach and sometimes difficulty falling pregnant. It’s most likely that an ovarian cyst is non-cancerous but they can be cancerous.

Ovarian cystectomy is a procedure to remove an ovarian cyst causing symptoms or that is potentially cancerous. There are two types of surgery used to remove ovarian cysts. Your consultant gynaecologist will discuss with you the best option for your ovarian cyst.


If you have a large cyst or it could be cancerous your gynaecologist may recommend a laparotomy. This is open surgery and allows your surgeon better access to the cyst. The whole cyst and sometimes your ovary may be removed. They are then sent to a laboratory to check whether they are cancerous.

Dilation of Bladder

Dilation of the bladder is performed if you have difficulty emptying your bladder completely, have the desire to urinate frequently, are not being able to pass urine or only intermittently, are experiencing urinary incontinence, have pain or burning when passing urine, have blood in your urine or continuous pelvic pain. A cystoscopy using dilation can investigate bladder and urinary system problems including: a narrowed urethra (tube that takes urine out of your body), urinary tract infections (UTIs), polyps, bladder stones, ureter problems and cancer of the bladder or urinary tract.

Your surgeon may take urine samples to check for infection, tumour or bladder cancer. Treatment can also be performed at the same during a cystoscopy such as inserting a stent (small tube) into a narrowed ureter to help stretch it and improve the flow of urine.


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