Before Your Stay

Things to remember Day Patient

• Medical questionnaire - completed and returned to outpatient department within 48 hours of receipt
• Registration form - completed and returned to outpatient department within 48 hours of receipt
• Insurance claim form and authorisation number (where required)
• Dressing gown
• Personal toiletries
• Current medication. You should bring all your current medication (including homeopathic and herbal medicines) with you with the original packaging and labels, when you are admitted. Please also bring sufficient medication to last throughout your anticipated length of stay
• X-Ray and blood test results, if you have them
• Comfortable clothing
• Appropriate footwear
• Transport arrangements for getting home

What you may like to bring

• Laptop or MP3 player
• Subject to hospital safety checks by the engineer. Wi Fi is available free of charge
provided by The Cloud in most Ramsay Hospitals subject to registration
• Mobile phone. For patient privacy, please change your ring tone to silent
• Books/magazines

We recognise that the prospect of hospital treatment can be daunting, especially if this is your first time in a hospital as a day patient. Please be assured that all our hospital staff are committed to making your time with us as comfortable and restful as possible.

During your short time with us, you will be looked after by a team of experts whose aim is to ensure you are cared for in an efficient and friendly environment, whilst keeping you fully informed about your treatment from admission to the time you go home. We are here to ensure that your experience with us is as pleasant as possible, so please do not hesitate to ask any of our team, if you have any questions during your stay.

During your stay in hospital you will be under the care of your Consultant who has been approved by our Medical Advisory Committee to use the hospital facilities.

Pre admission

There are a few important points you need to remember before you come in:

Complete your medical questionnaire and return it to the hospital within 48 hours of receipt.

Please answer the questions as accurately as possible. This is important because it enables us to be informed of any special medical needs you may have and ensures that you are safely prepared for your anaesthetic. Your procedure may be postponed if we do not receive this questionnaire

We use this information to decide whether or not any tests or checks are required before you are admitted to the hospital. Sometimes it is necessary to ask you to attend a clinic for these checks. However, it may be that your answers on the medical questionnaire give us sufficient information, or that we just need to telephone you to obtain a bit more detail about the information
you have given us.

• Registration form - completed and returned within 48 hours of receipt.
• Your letter will provide you with specific instructions relating to your particular treatment. You may be required to refrain from eating (or chewing gum) and drinking
(not even water) for a period of time prior to your operation, and these instructions will be noted in the letter.
• Bring in any medications (including homeopathic and herbal) that you normally take.
• Ensure someone can pick you up after your procedure (and if you have had a general anaesthetic or sedation ensure a responsible adult can stay with you for 24 hours after you go home).
• Read the information leaflet you have been given relating to your procedure.
• Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
• If you need help to answer any medical questions or you have any concerns regarding your admission or details in this booklet, please do not hesitate to contact the hospital.

Infection prevention and control

All of our hospitals have strict nursing and cleaning procedures which greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Please ensure you have a shower or bath with soap on the evening before or on the day of your surgery to further reduce the risk of a wound infection.

Please do not shave the area on or around your operation site prior to admission.

Consent to treatment

We will always ask for your consent before initiating a clinical intervention, examination or treatment - and will ensure that you have enough information to enable you to make that decision.

Giving consent is an ongoing process, not a one off event - and consequently you are able to discuss your treatment further or change your mind at any time.


In order to respect your dignity, you will be offered the presence of a chaperone whilst having any treatments of an intimate nature, before and during your stay in hospital.

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