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Shoulder surgery with West Valley Hospital

Shoulder surgery is performed to repair your shoulder joint if it is degenerated, diseased or damaged and restore full use of your shoulder without pain.

West Valley Hospital offers convenient appointments without waiting with expert consultant orthopaedic surgeons who have a special interest in shoulders. Your surgeon will rapidly diagnose the reason for your shoulder pain and offer treatment options specific to your individual needs with the aim of getting your shoulder working again without pain as soon as possible. Our shoulder surgeons are supported by orthopaedic trained nursing staff, consultant anaesthetists and radiologists, and experienced physiotherapists.

We offer a whole range of the latest minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques as well as shoulder replacement surgery.

What is shoulder surgery?

Shoulder surgery is a surgical procedure that uses arthroscopic or open surgery techniques to treat pain, stiffness, weakness, swelling and instability in your shoulder.

Common shoulder problems that shoulder surgery is used to treat include:

  • rotator cuff tears

  • shoulder dislocations

  • shoulder separations

  • shoulder impingement

  • frozen shoulder

  • shoulder bursitis

  • shoulder arthritis

  • shoulder fracture

What type of shoulder surgeries are there?

There is a wide range of shoulder surgeries to treat common shoulder conditions. They are usually performed under general anaesthetic. They include:

  • Rotator cuff repair surgery - a torn rotator cuff tendon can be repaired using traditional open surgery or arthroscopy (keyhole surgery). Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is more commonly performed as it causes minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues and smaller scars, although open surgery may be required.
  • Shoulder arthroscopy is day surgery that involves inserting a tiny camera and instruments through small incisions in your skin to diagnose, repair or remove damaged shoulder joint problems. This keyhole surgery has a shorter recovery time and less pain after the operation than open surgery. Arthroscopic shoulder operations may be performed to treat many shoulder conditions including:
  • Rotator cuff repair – to repair a torn rotator cuff tendon.
  • Arthroscopic decompression – to treat shoulder impingement by removing or shaving away an inflamed bursa or bone spur in your shoulder and creating more space for the rotator cuff tendon.
  • Arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation - to treat instability of a recurrent shoulder dislocation by repairing a torn labrum.
  • Arthroscopic capsular release – to treat frozen shoulder by releasing a tight capsule seen in frozen shoulder using a special radio-frequency probe.
  • Shoulder replacement surgery a common joint replacement surgery often performed for arthritis that does not respond to non-surgical therapy. It is also known as total shoulder arthroplasty and shoulder joint replacement. It involves removing the arthritic or damaged head of your upper arm bone (humerous) and the socket (scapula) and replacing them with artificial metal or plastic components. A partial shoulder replacement may be recommended if only part of your shoulder joint needs replacing.

How long does it take to recover after shoulder surgery?

The time it takes to recover from shoulder surgery will depend on the type of surgery performed inside your shoulder. Immediately following any shoulder surgery, you will need to wear a sling to immobilise your shoulder joint and keep it in the right position, and to protect it from further damage. It usually takes several weeks to recover from shoulder arthroscopy surgery and between three and six months to recover from a shoulder replacement surgery. These timings will be dependent on the individual. You will be given exercises to follow and these will help strengthen your muscles, reduce stiffness and swelling, and get you back to fitness in the shortest possible time. You will need to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to return to full health as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to get a shoulder surgery?

The cost of your shoulder surgery will depend on the type of shoulder surgery you require. At West Valley Hospital, the guide package price for shoulder surgery starts from £4700. A shoulder cuff repair using keyhole surgery starts from £5600. After your consultation, we will give you a package price quote that is guaranteed for a minimum of three months. It carries a promise of no hidden extras to pay for, over the confirmed package price, even if you stay in the hospital longer or your treatment is more complex than anticipated. Our other self-funding options include pay as you go and interest-free finance medical loans.

Your private medical insurance may cover the cost of your shoulder surgery. We advise that you obtain written confirmation from your insurance provider that they will cover your procedure before you commence treatment.

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