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Trigger finger or trigger thumb is a painful condition when your finger or thumb catches or locks as you bend and straighten it. Trigger finger release surgery may be performed if the triggering of your finger or thumb is causing discomfort or stopping you from being able to perform normal daily activities. Here at West Valley Hospital we can offer you a convenient appointment with a knowledgeable and practised hand surgeon to discuss your trigger finger and decide on the best treatment for you.

Our surgeons offer corticosteroid injections or trigger finger release surgery to relieve your trigger finger and help you to regain normal use of your hand and the ability to properly move your trigger finger without catching or locking.

What is a trigger finger?

Trigger finger causes your finger or thumb to catch or lock due to an inflamed tendon momentarily getting stuck in a tight tunnel. As the tendon slips through it may make a snap or pop. A trigger finger will give you pain when you bend or straighten it, tenderness in your palm, clicking or locking of the trigger finger and the need to use you other hand to straighten it, and stiffness.

What causes a trigger finger?

Trigger finger or thumb is caused by an inflamed and thickened tendon in your finger or thumb that is pulled through a tendon sheath tunnel when you bend your finger or thumb. As the tendon is inflamed or thickened it is difficult to pass through the tunnel and it gets caught. The tendon sheath tunnel may also thicken making the opening of the tunnel smaller.

What does a trigger finger treatment involve?

Treatment for trigger finger will be based on the severity and longevity of your symptoms. Trigger finger treatment options include:

  • Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen

  • Splinting - strapping your finger to hold it straight

  • Corticosteroid injections – to help reduce pain and swelling on the tendon and allow it to glide more freely again

  • Trigger finger release surgery – a 20-minute outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Trigger finger release surgery can be open surgery where your hand surgeon will make a small incision in your palm and carefully cut through the tendon sheath to make it wider, or percutaneous trigger finger release surgery where a needle is inserted and used to slice through the ligament in your trigger finger.

How to recover from a trigger finger surgery

Immediately after your trigger finger surgery you should be able to move your affected finger. To start with you should be gentle with movements that use your operated finger. You can expect full movement to return within one to two weeks. You may be advised to have physiotherapy for finger exercises to help loosen your finger and hand therapy to return full movement to your operated digit.

Your palm and operated finger may feel sore. Over-the-counter painkillers can be taken. Stiches may need to be removed after two to three weeks if dissolvable are not used. You should check with your hand surgeon regarding when you can resume driving. You will have a follow up appointment with your surgeon to check on your recovery. Swelling and stiffness may take up to six months to go.

What is the cost of a trigger finger treatment?

We can provide you with an All-inclusive Total Care quote once you have had your consultation with one of our expert hand surgeons. Our guide package price for trigger finger release surgery is £2000. This package price includes unlimited aftercare. You can also take out an interest free finance loan.

Your private medical insurance may cover the cost of your trigger finger treatment. You should obtain written confirmation from your insurance provider that they will cover your trigger finger treatment before starting treatment.

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