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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer, fat grafting or lipomodelling is a more natural way of creating a breast enlargement and body shape you desire.

A breast augmentation using fat transfer harvests unwanted excess fat, in areas such as your tummy, love handles and thighs, and transfers it to your breasts to add volume.

For fat transfer to be performed, there needs to be sufficient amount of excess fat in other areas of your body. Not all of the injected fat survives and only a certain amount of fat can be injected in each session. Therefore, multiple sessions of fat transfer may be needed under general anaesthetic if significant amount of breast augmentation is desired.

Fat transfer to both breasts at West Valley Hospital

At West Valley Hospital we understand that loss of breast volume can result after aging, weight loss or pregnancy / breast feeding. Fat transfer to breasts can naturally enhance your breast appearance and create a more youthful look.

We are proud to work alongside plastic surgeons who are experienced in breast augmentation and utilise the latest techniques. We offer convenient appointments to discuss fat transfer procedures and our surgeons will take time to understand what you hope to achieve.

West Valley Hospital offers its cosmetic surgery patients fixed price packages, price matching (T&Cs apply) and 0% finance, as well as a 14-day cooling-off period to reflect on all the information provided during a consultation and to make a considered decision.

What does fat transfer involve?

Breast augmentation using fat transfer is a day procedure carried out under general anaesthetic that usually takes two to three hours.

It involves using liposuction to remove the fat from designated areas of your body that have excess fat such as your legs, flanks, thighs or tummy. The fat is collected in syringes and then prepared for injection by removing any blood or other fluid.

The fat is then injected into your breasts using metal tubes called ‘cannulas’ which are attached to syringes. As these cells come from your body there is no chance of rejection or an allergic reaction to the harvested fat.

How long does a fat transfer last?

After your fat transfer, up to 50% of the injected may be naturally absorbed by your body. Your surgeon will typically slightly overfill your breasts to compensate for this.

You should be aware that fluctuations in your weight can change the amount of fat present in your breasts in the long term.

What is the cost of a fat transfer to both breasts?

Our guide package price for a fat transfer to both breasts is from £4800. Included in this package is unlimited aftercare.

This guide price is an estimate of costs and you will receive a formal quotation price following your consultation with one of our cosmetic breast surgeons. This formal quote for your fat transfer to both breasts will be valid for 60 days and includes unlimited aftercare.

We have a number of finance options available for our cosmetic surgery patients. These include All-inclusive Total Care where a single one-off payment at a pre-agreed price delivers direct access to all the treatment you need for complete reassurance, pay as you go and interest-free medical finance loans.

How long is the recovery process after a fat transfer procedure?

The recovery period after a fat transfer is typically around three weeks. During this time, you may have some bruising and swelling and you should avoid exercise. You can resume moderate exercise after three weeks and more strenuous activities after three months.

You can expect to return to work after a week or two, depending on the nature of your job. Your surgeon may recommend that you wear a sports bra day and night to support your breasts for up to three months.

It can take up to six months to see the final results of a fat transfer breast augmentation.

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